Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286


Our primary goal at El Shaddai Christian Ministries is to help veterans and those facing crises. One of our main focuses is the approximately 38,000 homeless veterans in the United States today and work on preventing the 22 veteran suicides that occur every day in the US. They are the backbone of our freedom and we need to do a lot more for them. Our secondary goal, is to present a more accurate way to read and interpret the Bible so as to prevent the misunderstanding and avoid the lies that are out there about the Bible. 100% of all of our profits go to help veterans and those facing crises.

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New Release!

Glenn Ahrens (Earthly Director) Christian author has just published his first book “The Mysteries of the Bible, the Seal of God”! 100% of the profits from the sale of this book go to El Shaddai. Press Release (PDF)

You can now buy the Book on Amazon for $17.95!

His second book, “The 7 Plagues of Shopping Cart Theology” will release in 2023. He already has a third and fourth book finished and soon to follow.


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