Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

What We Offer

What We Offer…

We offer support through life study groups, Bible studies, public events, and written materials, including books and other materials written by us. We do not discriminate based on faith or for any other reason. We also work the families of discharged veterans and help them with the adjustment with their family and loved ones. Our goal is to help veterans make a smooth and easy adjustment from the military to civilian life. This is especially difficult for those who served active duty in the field.

We also invite those brought up in western theological traditions to reread the Holy Bible through the perspective of the men and women who lived in the Biblical past. Insights are gleaned by looking deeper into the context, the original languages, and the surrounding cultures of these Ancient texts. It is time that the truth is known! 100% of all profits go to help veterans and those facing crises.

We work closely with other veteran organizations and ministries such as Veterans Outreach Ministries, to provide a comprehensive range of additional benefits too many to list.

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