Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Glenn Ahrens

Glenn Ahrens

Glenn Ahrens

  • President
  • Bear, DE
  • (302) 761-3286

My name is Glenn Ahrens and I am the founder and president of El Shaddai Christian Ministries in Bear, Delaware. I have been researching the bible for over 17 years have also received Certification in the Hebrew Bible, Jewish New Testament, and Jewish Context & Culture from the Israel Bible Center in Israel (virtually).

Qualifications Include:

– Member of the Society of Biblical Literature
– Bible Scholar Apprentice at The Israel Bible Center
– Independent Ordained Minister of the Gospel
– Community Chaplain
– Specialized training in Christian counseling
– Member of Immanuel Church, Wilmington, DE (founded in 1865)
– Teach Bible interpretation from the perspective of those that lived at the time of Christ
– Have started Bible studies in my home and taught life study groups in Maryland and Delaware since 2019

I am a Pastor, Chaplain, and a published author. I also have four novels that are finished and one more in the works on the apostle Paul. My first published novel “The Mysteries of the Bible the Seal of God” was released in 2022. 100% of all profits goes to help veterans and those facing crises.

I invite people brought up in western theological traditions to reread the Holy Bible through the perspective of the men and women who lived in the Biblical past. Insights are gleaned by looking deeper into the context, the original languages, and the surrounding cultures of these Ancient texts. I have also studied and read extra-biblical writings from rabbis historians and other writers, written by both pagan and Christian writers.


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