Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Glenn Ahrens: (302) 761-3286

Our History

Our History, Founded by Glenn Ahrens

Growing up for the first twenty years of my life I was raised Quaker. At the time we were moving all over the place including Puerto Rico and Colombia South America so for the last three years of high school I went to the Olney Friends School in Barnesville Ohio and graduated in the class of 1969. In 1981 I married an Italian woman who was Roman Catholic. For the sake of my wife and her family I changed religions and became a Roman Catholic for over thirty years. There is one major problem between the two. They both claimed to be Christian but their beliefs were diametrically opposed. Trying to figure out the truth was too confusing so I decided to research the Bible myself. Those that believed in the Bible made a very good case for believing in and seem to be very sincere. From what they said even if there is only a small chance that their right to take the chance of being wrong. So I decided to find out for myself. In researching the Bible I had not originally intended to get into any real depth. I heard a lot of conflicting information on the Bible. I can completely identify with anyone who is confused about the Christian faith. When you’re looking for a church to belong to it seems like each one is so different than from what I understand a lot of people just give up.

In 2004, I started trying to find out more about the Bible. In my research I found more and more information about things that were in the Bible that I could not even imagine. It was like one discovery after another. In 2018 I started compiling notes based on my research and had a Bible study at home. It was then when I started El Shadai אל שדי Christian Ministries. Then I started writing a book about what I found. In the winter of 2018 I was inspired to start writing a book and discontinued the Bible study at home temporarily while I was writing. I was asked to teach the adult men’s Bible study at the church I was attending (The Oasis Church in Glasgow Delaware) this of course I excepted. In 2019. I finished writing the first book and started writing my second one and also doing articles. I also decided it was time to make the ministries official and get it classified as a nonprofit 501©(3) religious corporation. I am currently working on my fifth book and teaching at various shelters in Maryland and Delaware.

Our Goal

The goal of El Shaddai אל שדי Christian Ministries Inc. is strictly to reveal the facts that I have found and let you make up your own mind. I do not present the facts from the perspective of any particular religion or faith, but just the way the Bible presents them. In my first book, “The Mysteries of the Bible the Seal of God”, I show step-by-step how despite the diverse sources and writers of the Bible all the books of the Bible belong where they are and are divinely inspired or divinely written. Also that every book, chapter, and verse belongs exactly where it is and fits together like a puzzle. There is an intricate web of mysteries that tie it all together. I thoroughly explain eight of these mysteries and how they hold the Bible together.

It is time that the truth be known about the Bible and that the stories and rumors are put to rest for once and for all. I spent over 15 years of my life dedicated to that. I also took virtual classes from a school in Israel on the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish New Testament, and Jewish context and culture to obtain a more thorough background. The book is based solely on fact and history with no interpretations added. If I do put in my opinion I will say so.

Join with me as we explore the mysteries of the Bible.
– Glenn Ahrens

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