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Are You Colorblind?

The first 25 years I grew up in a family that was Quaker, also called the Religious Society of Friends. If you remember your history, it was the Quakers that started and ran the underground railroad that freed thousands of slaves from the South. As such the topic of race really never came out because in Quakerism we are all considered children of God there for all equal. In the beginning of my adult life I started hearing the word “colorblind”. At first it did not bother me much because I figured that it just meant that we did not pay attention to the color of someone’s skin. But then, I started thinking about it, when we say we are not paying attention to it, means that we really are. If we were not we would not notice it because all are created equal in God’s sight in the image of God. Everything about us from our appearance, to our height, or the color of our skin was preordained by God before we were born for his purpose. Once you go below the skin were all basically the same. When the expression really hit me was I was in conversations with people who claimed that they were not racist and that they were colorblind. My favorite question for them was would you ever marry somebody of a totally different skin color. To that question I got three answers. The first inappropriate answer was sure. The second two answers really upset me. One was depends on what color and the other one was a flat no. In other words they were really prejudice.

The view that I like is when I grew up with as a child. To say that we don’t notice somebody skin color is an outright lie if we have any vision at all. But to use that to judge the person is totally wrong. The only thing that we can learn from a skin color is possibly the heritage of that person or the culture they came from and be extra respectful of that, while loving them for the person they are.

In my opinion the term colorblind is just an excuse or justification for prejudice. It’s a way to answer the question without really answering it. Very similar to when a politician answers a question that really doesn’t say anything of any value or really answer the question that was asked. I feel there are two types of prejudice. The first is a reverse prejudice where we hide behind it and use as an excuse to justify our current life. The one thing that we must remember is that we are never responsible for what our ancestors or other people’s ancestors did. We can only be responsible for our own actions and those of our children. Yes, in some countries the color of your skin or your beliefs does make a major difference, but thank God in United States, that is not the case despite what people feel. All we have to do is look at the leaders of our country and business and see that today it really does not make a difference anymore. There is always opportunity for those that are willing to work hard for it. Success requires a lot of very hard work and determination.

The kind of prejudices that directly against a group of a particular ethnic origin or belief. I feel one of the primary reasons for this is our own ego. By putting blame on another race, culture, or religious belief we can make a distinction between them and us so by diminishing them we elevate ourselves. Studies show that the human mind naturally views the members of the “us” group more favorably than the members of the “them” group.

More recently social justice has become the new excuse for prejudice. We seem to favor waving the banner of social justice just to accomplish our own agenda regardless of whether it’s right or wrong and considers others.

Matthew 25:40 says “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, {even} the least {of them,} you did it to Me”.

There is never an excuse for any kind of prejudice. We must unite and fight against the real threats that exist in our world of which the main one is those that want to take away “The American Dream” that everybody in the world wants to come to and share in.

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