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One Life Under God - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

One Life Under God

This nation was founded on the precepts of the Bible. Public education was instituted to teach children to read the Bible. Yet, in 1980 the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to post the Ten Commandments in public schools. When the highest court in the land strikes down the 10 Commandments in public places, it is declaring that there is no absolute standard the governments must answer to, and the whole higher authority to which one must stand accountable. Nations that recognize nothing higher than themselves end up descending the path of dehumanization. The Soviet Union declared “there was no God and nothing higher than the state” and so with no accountability, the Soviet Union murdered millions of its citizens. China and North Korea continue to murder their citizens. The United States has murdered millions of babies through abortion. When there is no accountability to God, the state or its leaders become god’s. Therefore, believers must be examples of those who recognize the reality of God, who revere His word and honor His truth. Everyone will answer to Him one day, but His people answer to Him now. (From messages 720 & 721 by Jonathan Cahn) 

When looking back over history, in my opinion, we can see a shift in society as a whole. In 1960 there were only 9 divorces per 1000 women but in 1980 at the time of the Supreme Court ruling, there were 23 divorces per 1000 women. It seems that marriage has taken a shift from being a lifetime commitment of love to an act of convenience, if at all. I remember in the 1960s the thought of cohabitating without marriage was extremely frowned upon, now it’s totally acceptable. Crime rates have gone off the chart and the problem of homelessness has never been worse. 

If you think this is all by coincidence, think again. Whether or not we believe in God we are all accountable to Him. If you think you can jump off a tall building and survive does not mean that you will survive, you won’t. It’s exactly the same with God’s laws. Just because you may not believe in them does not mean that you’re not still accountable to them. We spend years planning weddings, sometimes months planning parties, vacations, or other events but how much time do we spend planning eternity.

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