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The Mystery Of The Missing Neighbor - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

The Mystery Of The Missing Neighbor

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31 This is probably one of the most quoted statements in the Bible. It can be found in numero

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Christians and Prejudice - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

Christians and Prejudice

As Christians your claim to love the Lord with all of our hearts and would never do anything to disappoint Him or put Him down or insult Him. If that

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Living a Godly Life - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

Living a Godly Life

Living a Godly Life is kind of like the scales of justice with one big difference, we don’t want them balanced. We are constantly trying to add to t

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How to Study the Bible - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

How to Study the Bible

One of the biggest problems in studying the Bible is that we don’t read it or study it correctly. Let’s say you’re looking up what the Bible say

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Going Through Tough Times - El Shaddai Christian Ministries

Going Through Tough Times

In life we all go through great times and then there are those times when we feel like the sky is falling. It is these difficult times that we sometim

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The Storms of Life

By Glenn Ahrens, Earthly Director EL SHADDAI אל שדי CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES Inc. Remember when life seemed so simple? You did not have to worry

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